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About Srirastu Subhamastu

  Srirastu Subhamastu is a leading Event Management Service in Tirupati, with its headquarters in tirupati and has done several events in and around in Rayalaseema and also earned alot of compliments as blessings from clients.

We are here today with a vision of providing high class Event management solutions to clients with own team work. Today Srirastu Subhamasu Events has been able to provide better service with efficiencies both in execution and cost to clients.

We produced events across all verticals like Conferences, Concerts, Product Launches, Activations, Parties, BTL, Outbound & Employee Motivation Programmes, Caterings, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Charity Events, Surprise Parties, Trade Shows, Sales Meetings, Business Meetings, Virtual Events etc... and by planning with executing innovative ideas which helps us to develop this event management service in tirupati.

About Managing Director

Rajesh Rane

P. Sravan Kumar B.Tech
      Managing Director

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